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NDE Mastermind Member Miles Reynolds and Richelle Celebrating him reaching Million Dollar Status in 2014!


For  Las Vegas ONLY – We have an availability in Las Vegas MDE Mastermind:

Above is a picture of me and Miles Reynolds celebrating his reaching over $1 million in sales in his business for 2014.  When we first met, Miles was barely generating $80k per year in sales and in less than 4 years, Miles reached the million dollar level!

This is what we do in the local MDE Mastermind all based on my bestselling Amazon Book – The Million Dollar Equation 

We have one question for you – Are you a LEADER?

I bet you were a leader all your life… just by being an entrepreneur, you are a success, but  in these times, I must say that it is important to network and study with other successful business owners.

I wanted to share with you the MDE Mastermind for Las Vegas.  Monthly business leaders just like you come together to work on their business – just like Michael Gerber suggests and bounce ideas off other business owners.  We realize that being an entrepreneur is very lonely and who can you confer with?  Your employees??  That can be dangerous….if you are struggling, they will panic and if you are doing well, they will want a raise.

This group is not just about networking.  There are so many networking groups in Las Vegas from free to highly expensive and I am not sure of the results.  We are a results based organization focused on building your business.  We teach marketing strategies to keep you ahead of your competitors.  Yes, we do network, but only as a bonus.

Here’s some of the details:

1.  We only allow one person per industry to join

2.  No start ups allowed only existing businesses

3.  We meet at Southern Highlands Golf Club

4.  Meetings are once per month from 10 am – 3:30 pm

5.  Each member will be allowed a time where the group reviews, critiques and suggests changes to their marketing and business development

6.  The investment is $6,000 per year

If you are interested in our few remaining spots, please send an email to richelle  (at) the million dollar equation (dot) com and we will send the special invitation to our February OPEN meeting.

I can’t wait to help you with your own million dollar business!


If you have never watched from 5 Figures to 7 Figures – Million Dollar Habits , the video where Richelle and Miles detail his 4 year journey from $80k to $1.1 million  – CHECK it out HERE 

We would love you to join us!!

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