Let’s Make History Together!

Making History for Women Business Owners

The BEST Way to predict History is to CREATE it!

After experiencing, being the ONLY, FEMALE, African American public utility owner in the nation, it was an amazing honor, and, I wish I saw more women who looked like me. Since I told the company, I have been writing, teaching and coaching entrepreneurs, but there were only a few who were committed. I want so much for so many but I only want to work with those who get what it takes to make history.

I took a 16 month break from helping entrepreneurs, mainly because, I watched as so many solely wanted to make money. Money comes but, it can not be your only motive. That’s not fun for me and I only want to work with people who are interested in making history, solving a problem bigger than yourself and you need my help – the $100 Million Dollar Woman’s help in building your empire.

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