mdestackThe Million Dollar Equation: Did you know that less than 3% of all women owned businesses reach the million dollar level and less than 6% of all male owned reach the level. Why is it that smart entrepreneurs with admirable business goals can’t seem to break the million dollar barrier? Why do so many businesses fail within the first 5 years? Why is it that so many entrepreneurs start out with a clear mental picture of where they want the business to be, and yet if they survive, years later, find themselves far from their desired destination?

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How to Build A Million Dollar Business in Las Vegas Without the Casinos:

Part autobiographical – part business lecture and pure FUN!htbmdbstack

If you ever asked, how in the world did Richelle get into the telephone business? How does her brain think? Who were her early influencers? This book packs it all in. Over 243 pages of both Richelle’s journey plus interviews with other successful million dollar business owners who built their million dollar businesses without using the biggest industry in Nevada. Richelle’s funny stories as well as insight into business building and describes this process as what it is. A process.

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Emerald Trainings

mdedvdcasestackMDE Fast Start: Each day for the 30 days, you’ll receive one day of tasks walking you step-by-step how to get paid fast and grow your business quickly using the MDE Fast Start. Each day is divided into easily digestible segments, helping ensure that you can implement each as you follow the program.

MDE-2013-Marketing-Calendar-300x197-2Marketing Calendar: The success of my telephone company rested on the fact that I scheduled my marketing and promotions! I had the year planned. That may seem overwhelming right now, but, if I can get you to schedule at least one month ahead of time, you will be moving in the right direction. A Marketing Calendar is so important to your cash-flow. Remember “Random implementation generates random income”.



Diamond Trainings


200K Book Blueprint: The EXACT formula used to generate $211,744 in revenue from one book by selling less than 200 copies. This training helps you take a book and turn it into a million dollar business.


Million Dollar Habits: Can any business be million dollar business? Sometimes you have not set up the business correctly or created the correct habits. This training teaches you the habits necessary to build a million dollar business.

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