Why You Should Be Watching Kitchen Nightmares

Ok I confess… I am a television kid…I grew up watching endless television and I am officially addicted but even better now they have so many channels I can watch whatever I feel like.

I stumbled on the BBC channel and Kitchen Nightmares. It is a reality show staring Gordon Ramsay – the chef from Hell’s Kitchen. He comes into the struggling restaurant to help rescue the business from closing.

I was hooked on Saturday afternoon, not for the cooking lessons (which I always need) but for the business lessons.

I was exceptionally excited to discover that FOX has signed the U.S. version. It is much easier to watch and more drama but still a great business lesson.

Gordon works on the business! AND shows how the restaurant really is in the MARKETING of FOOD business and provider of an entertaining experience .

The top 3 reasons to watch?

1. Fresh Eyes – Chef Ramsay is an outsider and can see many problems the owners can’t see.

2. Neighborhood Research – Chef Ramsay conducts surveys and detailed neighborhood research. Not a market study…..with long troublesome forms but asking questions of the community.

3. Staff training – Chef Ramsay even whips into shape struggling employees and handles crazy family members ruining the business.

The Best Reason to watch –the straight, non-fancy marketing tips that anyone can use. They are cheap word of mouth strategies. He used celebrities in the community, created a fund raiser to drive traffic to the restaurant…

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  • First I love Gordon Ramsay he is an amazing business person as well. I too watch every show that he is in. His tips are quick, easy and they work. The show definitely shows you the before and after by implementation.

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